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Sandpiper Musical Dinner Cruise

Join us for a relaxing cruise down the Maumee River as we enjoy dinner from Los Toros Catering and the music of Kerry Patrick Clark. Alcoholic beverages are welcome and a small cooler to keep items cold. $50 per passenger

$50 per passenger


Some folks like music SO much, the invite neighbors and friends into their home (or, in this case, Green house) to enjoy music... NO! .... a concert without the interruption of televisions, talking a cell phones. This is Kerry's 2nd visit to the Twin Cities to perform:-)

4:00 PM Lakeview, MN (CST)

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Kerry, Amy & Robbie Clark will lead worship during the 10:00 AM Contemporary Worship Service! Come join us. MUMC is the church Kerry served while a younger Robbie was in school. When asked about MUMC, Kerry said, "this church does the 'one another's' better than any I have seen!"

Come join us for a special musical celebration and church family reunion!