1. Cryin' A River

From the recording A Simple Man

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Just when you think that you have finally figured her out
She'll come in Cryin' A River
So maybe you won't understand what she is talking about
When she is Cryin' A River

These are times when your patience wears thin
You'll wonder what kind of mess you've gotten in
Take it from me if there's one thing I know
You got to wait and let the storm clouds blow over again

One minute's fine but the next she'll say everything's wrong
And she'll be Cryin' A River
But I know she's tried on a million smiles before she lets on
That she's been Cryin' A River

These are times when you can't find the words
But she needs to hear something she's never heard
Tell her sometimes you don't listen enough
You know it's hard but you believe and love in only her

She has got a lover's heart balanced on a canyon's rim
You can either walk away or you can keep her heart from falling in

So don't you believe that you have ever been above what it takes
When she is Cryin' A River
It's only a foolish man who never learns from his mistakes
When she is Cryin' A River

These are times when you will want to hide
Just leave your past and your pride behind
I can't promise you a happy end
At least it's a place where you can both begin to try

© 1990 Kerry Patrick Clark