From the recording A Simple Man

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I know some folks who never take a day Just to get away from the same old routine They say it looks like rain we're saving for when it do
I've known my share of crazy dreamers Faded jeaners with empty pockets I know that when I fall it's right between the two
I'll take my days but I could never waste them Dreams so close I can almost taste them But all my days and dreams are Precious Moments of you
When it's been a long day on my feet I'm feeling tired and beat like I can't go on I'll somehow find the strength to make it on home But I get so tired of waiting for the weekend Think these walls are speaking and I know just what they say Buddy you got more love than most folks have ever known
I may be tired but I will never show it Friday night me and these four walls know it I've got you and all these Precious Moments alone
Sometimes it has amazed me just how far I could fall This time I played it cautiously hardly an effort at all
I promised I would just take my time Never spend a dime till the moment was right No heart on the line no nothing to prove
Well I spoke too soon the time was never taken The road was rough but there was no mistaking I was saving all of my Precious Moments for you

© 1990 Kerry Patrick Clark