1. Time

From the recording On The Road To Human Being

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Half a world away I’m thinking of you
In this moment this is on my mind…. Time

I wish that I could reach across this ocean
In this moment hold your hand in mine… time

Time is precious, time is fleeting, at the risk of sounding foolish I’ll say
Every goodbye, every greeting, in my heart will always stay

Half a world away I’m feeling sorry
That your every heartbeat will not be with mine… time

But I will pray that God will always keep you
Safe within His hands and heaven’s sight… time

We are here for but a moment, I am finding now that statement to be true
I am grateful and I want to show it so let me start by telling you

Half a world away and I am happy
That I will once again look in your eyes… time

Up until that day let me remind you
That in this moment you are on my mind… Time…

Time…. Time…..

© 2010 Kerry Patrick Clark