1. Therapy

From the recording In A Perfect World

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I started saving for the therapy
I am fairly sure my kids will need
When later in their life something goes bad
They will blame it on their long gone dad
I’ve got this picture of my littered grave
The place my kids have come and tossed their blame
Call me paranoid call me crazy
I started saving for the therapy

There’s a spark in every young child’s life
That starts the fire of each parent’s strife
Questions lead to conversations long
Do you think that we did something wrong
What if their actions ever come again
Should they face the same or different end
That’s exactly how it was for me
I started saving for the therapy


Oo oo oo oo oo oo oo

Maybe I should go and spend that cash
Loose change for years I’ve tossed into a glass
In twenty years the cost of therapy
I’ll never have enough is what I mean
So I’ll by a coffee and with this guitar
I’ll write a song so my kids see my heart
If their lucky there’ll be royalties
That will cover all their thearapy

© 2013 Kerry Patrick Clark