From the recording The Heart Of Christmas

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There’s so many ways to use sugar
In Christmas dessert recipes
Been sampled by friends and by family
So many taste buds to please

But I’ve often thought with my thinker
When I’ve seen in the stores on the shelves
Who rolled up the fruit in a dough ring
And thought, this is a treat that will sell

Some raisins and some rum soak them over night
Sounding kind of yum taste be outa sight
Some all purpose flour eggs and butter too
Bake it for an hour and then just let it cool

Share it with your friends give it as a gift
Though it has never been on anybody’s list
You know what it’s for saying I love you
Cause nothing says it more the way that fruitcakes do

I hate fruitcake yes I do
I hate fruitcake how ‘bout you
And I wonder if it’s true
If all hate fruitcake like I do

Ancient recipe from Rome
Sugar butter fast Pope goes
Make em take em eat them yes
Fruit seeds nuts in barley mash

Only one has er been made
Passed around each year they say
Just you wait and soon you will
Get a cake that fruit has filled

© 2016 Kerry Patrick Clark