1. Joey's Star

From the recording The Heart Of Christmas

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Mama said she won’t be doing Christmas it’s the first one since her little Joey died
Daddy Said me too cause when he hears a Beatle’s tune
The tiny tears they trickle from his eyes

Lily Mack Farm sells the Christmas pine trees Christi helped Joe pick one out six times
While they both sang along to their favorite Beatle’s songs
All You Need Is Love, Love Me Do, In My Life

Do you see that star there above the barn he said it shines it’s light for me to see
The perfect Christmas Tree yeah that one’s for me
This Christmas season Love Is All You Need

Death and farmhands usually meet in silence but when Christi heard the news she cried no please
It just won’t be the same not to hear him call my name or to say a star’s light helped me find this tree

So she placed a jar and note that read For Joey A Christmas Tree Fund, love is all you need
And then what happened next she did not expect
Someone paid her for an extra tree and said

A light a star there above the barn shining on two perfect Christmas trees
I’ll take one and leave for someone in need
For this Christmas season love…

Dad and mama’s car drove by the farm last night
I believe that angels must have drove
They took a breath but could not look through painful eyes
Then time stood still and the sky was filled
With the brightest light that shown… they said

It was Joey’s star there above the barn shining down for you and me to see
The perfect Christmas tree yes dear son we see
This Christmas season love is all we need
This Christmas season love is all we need

© 2016 Kerry Patrick Clark