1. Clown Car

From the recording What A Show

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KERRY PATRICK CLARK (Based on Bag O Rags, 1912, W. R. McKanlass)

Keystone Cops in their model A
A Bag O Rags the piano played
Silent films in their black and white
All those boys never got their guy

1939 and the Clown Car king
Horse up front got some bright red wings
Lift or spin wrangle gravity
Took 3 men in Mobile Oil’s “Peggy”

Clown Car goofy gag
Clown Car load of laughs
Got more room all you boys
Get in come on
Clown Car stuffed inside
Clown Car hope to hide
Come on boys there’s more room
Pile in pile on

Mid century when the Ringling Bros.
Made a car that stole every show
Cram a 6 foot man into a 2 foot ride
Folks all laughed until they cried


Painted faces fill up every screen
Silly spinning marvelous machine
And once again once again

Rope a dope, bait and switch
Smoke and mirrors full of it
April fools, slight of hand
Same old car same old stuffed and manned